Below is a partial list of classifiers that Backtrace includes, along with their high-level descriptions. Classifiers are constantly added, so this list tends to be out of date. Refer to the console integrated documentation for latest descriptions on classifiers.

  • abort: Aborted with SIGABRT 
  • align: Alignment violation 
  • ascii: Pointer corruption indicative of memory re-use 
  • assertion: Assertion failure 
  • dispatch: Fault on branch or function call 
  • double-free: Freeing allocated memory multiple times 
  • fpe: Floating-point error 
  • garbled: Smashed or corrupt callstack 
  • ill: Illegal instruction 
  • intdiv: Integer divide by zero 
  • invalid-free: Invalid pointer was passed to free, realloc or other dynamic memory management function 
  • invalid-pointer: Attempt to free unallocated pointer 
  • machine-check: Machine-check exception 
  • memory.*: Disambiguation of read versus write 
  • null: NULL dereference 
  • panic: Kernel-space assertion failure
  • printf: Potential printf format string attack 
  • segv: Segmentation fault 
  • si_user: User-initiated signal 
  • stack-overflow: Invalid stack or transition to invalid stack 
  • stop: Application is in signal stop state 
  • security: Potential exploitation attempt or security hole 
  • use-after-free: Faulting memory address is deallocated 
  • rlimits: Resource limit violations 
  • and more: Refer to your integration for more classifiers 
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