GitHub Integration

This guide goes through the steps necessary to integrate Backtrace with GitHub. Setting up integration with GitHub requires a valid GitHub endpoint URL, as well as an API token.

The steps in this process are:

  1. Generate an API Token

  2. Set up Integration

Generate an API Token

In GitHub, click the menu in the upper-right and select "Settings". In the Personal Settings menu on the left, click "Personal Access Tokens", then "Generate new token" on the upper-right to generate an API token.

Customize the security settings as desired, making sure that the token is granted access to create new Issues. Make a note of the token, you will need it for configuration below.


To set up the integration, first go to the Configuration page within the Web Console:

Next, select the project you want to add a integration for:

Then click Integrations in the left-hand menu, then Create a New Integration on the right, and pick the integration:

These are the settings that you can configure for your GitHub integration:

For more information about these settings, please refer to the GitHub API Documentation

Next: After filling in the integration-specific settings, proceed to Common Settings to finish configuring the integration.

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