Backtrace C#

Backtrace's integration with C# applications allows customers to capture and report handled and unhandled C# exceptions to their Backtrace instance, instantly offering the ability to prioritize and debug software errors. Some highlights include:

Supported Frameworks, Tools and Platforms

  • .NET Framework 3.5 +, 4.5 +, 4.6 +, 4.7 +, 4.8

  • .NET Standard

  • .NET Core 2.0

  • Xamarin

  • Universal Windows Platform

  • Unity


  • A NuGet package for developers to customize and submit Crash Reports to Backtrace when exceptions are seen.

  • The Crash Report will identify all threads, their run states, call stacks, env variables, custom attributes, and more.

  • A minidump can be generated and associated to the Report.

  • Annotations and other attachments can also be provided.

More Details

See the Backtrace C# readme from our github site here for more details.

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