We offer a 30-day trial for you to experience the product without any obligation before making a decision to purchase. This article will review details of the trial, best practices, and what happens when the trial ends.

Getting Started

To get started, simply go to our sign-up page, review our Terms of Evaluation, and set up your Backtrace universe. Once setup, our project wizard will walk you through the critical steps to get the most out of Backtrace.

This will start you off in our Trial Plan for 30 days. This plan allows you to submit up to 25,000 crashes and invite a total of 5 users from your organization to use the platform. 

For more details as to what's included in this plan, check out this page. If you need features during the Trial that fall under our Enterprise plan, contact us at sales@backtrace.io. 

Looking to get the most out of your Backtrace integration? This article provides our best practices.

Upgrading Your Account

If you're enjoying your service and would like to continue using Backtrace, you have a few options:

  • Upgrade to a Free Plan

  • Upgrade to a Self-Service Plan

  • Contact us for an Enterprise plan

You can upgrade your plans to either Free or one of the Self-Service options by logging into your Backtrace Console, clicking "Configure Organization", and then "Billing" OR by clicking the Upgrade Plan button on the banner at the bottom of the page. Note: the Free plan only appear when you switch your payment period to Monthly.

If you upgrade your plan while you're still within your 30-day Trial, we will convert you only after your 30-day window is over. In other words, your first payment will be on the first day after your Trial completes. 

Each of those plans has limits to user and crash volume, along with fixed dump file and meta data retention (details here). If your requirements exceed our limits, or if you require additional capabilities such as PII Data Scrubbers, coredump analysis, or custom retention periods, please contact us at sales@backtrace.io. 

Open Source

Working on an open source project? We provide a free option with higher limits than the typical free plan. Contact us at sales@backtrace.io if you'd like to learn more.

Trial Expiration

We get it! Sometimes Backtrace isn't the right product for you, or perhaps it's not the right time. If you let your Trial expire without upgrading your account, then the next time you login to the Console, you will not be able to access any pages except for the Billing page. During this time, we will continue to collect error reports (up to the Trial limit) and your workflow integrations will still be active. If you select a plan, you will be able to access the rest of Console as normal. 

We also periodically delete expired Trial accounts to free up resources, so if you want to preserve your data, upgrade your plan or contact us.

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