If you've set up a Backtrace integration with JIRA, but are not receiving any new JIRA issues from Backtrace, check on the following:

  • Is your JIRA endpoint correct?  Your JIRA endpoint should end in /jira/rest/api/2/  or /rest/api/2/ , depending on your JIRA configuration.

  • Is your project key correct?  

  • Does the JIRA user associated with the e-mail you provided have permissions to create new issues within the project you specified?

  • Are you using e-mail/password or username/password combination instead of e-mail/API Token or username/API Token? API Token can be obtained here.

  • Do you have any required custom fields?  If so, you'll need to provide values for these fields within the Custom Fields section of the Backtrace JIRA workflow configuration.

  • Are you using an Issue Type other than "Bug"?  If so, make sure to specify this in the Issue Type config setting.

  • Does your screen have fields called "labels" and "description"?  If one of these is missing, you'll need to specify an alternative for these in the Custom Field Mapping section.

For more details, please see: https://help.backtrace.io/third-party-integrations/issue-tracking/jira-integration

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