To backup your on-premises coronerd installation, you'll need to backup the settings and the data folders.


Coronerd stores its settings in /etc/coronerd - make sure to include this entire folder in your backup.  This will include your coronerd.conf  file as well as your coronerd.db  configuration database - you will need both to restore your system.

The path to coronerd.db is configured in /etc/coronerd/coronerd.conf  in the setting "configuration" - if you've relocated this file, refer to this setting for the proper path.


By default, coronerd stores its data under /var/coronerd - make sure to include this folder and all subfolders in your backup.  

This path is determined by "storage": { "disks": [ ... ] } in your coronerd.conf file, so if you're using an alternate location, verify it here.

For users of symbold

If you're using symbold, make sure to include /var/symbold in your backup.

This path is determined by "symbold": { "symbol_path": "..." } in coronerd.conf.

For users of backtrace-saml

If you're also running the backtrace-saml service, make sure to backup the folder /opt/backtrace/backtrace-saml, which should also include the saml.json file.   Depending on your configuration, this may be on the same or different server than where coronerd is running - see the "saml": { "provider": "..." } setting in your coronerd.conf.

Folder structure

Dump files and snapshots are stored in /var/coronerd/<universe_name>/<project_name>/_objects 

Query data is stored in /var/coronerd/<universe_name>/<project_name>/crdb and /var/coronerd/<universe_name>/<project_name>/database  

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