Backtrace is able to ingest Xbox symbol files, executables, and dump files for natively compiled games (these are games written in languages such as C or C++). It is able to receive the dump files and symbolicate them. Backtrace will automatically download system symbol files provided by Microsoft and apply them to your dump files to ensure accurate symbolification. All the features of Backtrace as specified in https://help.backtrace.io/product-guide are supported as well.


Backtrace's integration requires developers to write some code to generate the dump file and submit it over HTTP(s). Please contact us via the chat in the bottom right if you are an accredited Xbox developer and require additional help to generate a minidump.

Once your game has generated the dump, it can submit it using plain-old HTTPS or HTTP to your Backtrace instance. An example of this is available in https://help.backtrace.io/integration-guides/compiled-languages-and-applications/http-submission-of-minidump as well as in the integrated documentation in the Backtrace console, when creating a new project.

Backtrace has a middleware license agreement with Microsoft to process their dump files, and are actively researching the possibility of an additional plug-and-play plugin. Please reach out through our chat function on the bottom right and let us know if you are interested to collaborate with us! 

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