Data Retention Overview

Backtrace offers two different types of data retention policies:

  • Dump retention

  • Metadata retention

Dumps refer to the crash data files themselves (minidumps, snapshots, JSON objects). 

Metadata refers to the characteristics of the data, such as number of crashes, timestamps, and attributes. 

When a retention policy removes the dumps but leaves the metadata (also known as a "physical only" policy), you will still be able to view, query, and aggregate on the metadata for the removed crashes.

Retention Policies

Retention policies depend on the customer pricing model.

Enterprise customers have flexible retention policies. Administrators can also configure dump and metadata retention policies that will allow data to be removed after a defined period of time.

Self-Service customers have the following policies:

  • 90-day dump retention

  • 365-day metadata retention

Free customers have the following policies:

  • 90-day dump retention

  • 90-day metadata retention

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