New Features

Debugger 2.1 (2019-09-17)

A new, more compact debugger UI, designed to give the engineer all the debug info they need on a single pane of glass.

Advanced Settings for Dedup and Symbol Servers; 2 way Jira Integration; MS Teams Integration (2019-07-25)

Admin users on an Enterprise Plan can use the Web Console Project Settings to configure custom deduplication rules, or private symbols servers.

Admin users on any Plan can configure Jira sync to be two-way, such that assignee and status are updated in both systems whenever a change is made.

Admin users on any Plan can configure integration with Microsoft Teams such that notifications can be sent to the appropriate channel and person.

Filter Bar UX update and Support for MET (2019-06-12)

New UI and UX for using the filter bar. 

Support for Memory Error Tracker capabilities.

Shortened Link Sharing Service & Support for Mobile Crash Reporting (2019-05-06)

The Web Console now has an integrated link sharing service. Check out the Copy Link icon in the upper right of any page to Web Console to copy and share a shortened link for any page!

The Console now supports using Triage, Explore and Debug on crashes and exceptions from mobile devices captured via the new backtrace-cocoa and backtrace-android libraries. 

New Web Console as the Default (2019-04-01)

The new Web Console is now the default for all users. See the Overview here.

Navigation and Information Hierarchy Update (2019-04-01)

The Filter Bar has been moved to the upper header to better scope the working set of crashes and errors that users want analyze.

The Result Set in the Triage view has been made more compact.

The Details view of a fingerprint (via Triage) now includes default attributes to analyze and a list of all occurrences of a fingerprint.

The Explore tool now provides Aggregate, List, and Flame Graph views. 

SAML Configuration (2019-03-15)

Customers on the Enterprise plan can now configure their SAML configuration under Organization Settings. 

Comments (2019-03-07)

When viewing the Details of a Fingerprint in the Triage view, a user can view list of comments associated to a fingerprint, and can create new / edit their comments. 

Per User Default Setting for New Web Console (2019-03-01)

Users can choose to have the new Web Console be their default using the Set As Default button after they login. This setting is also available under Organization Settings / My Account / Early Access toggles.

Manual Issue (Jira) Creation (2019-01)

When viewing a fingerprint in the Triage view, a user can choose to create a new Issue in an external Issue Tracking System like Jira. See more information in Integrating with Jira and other Issue Tracking Systems

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